Funding for Carers Projects 2017-18

SHIRE Funding for Carers Projects has now closed to applications

Leicestershire County Council recognises the important role that carers undertake. We want to ensure that carers are able to undertake their caring roles safely and confidently, whilst maintaining their own health and wellbeing. It is therefore vitally important that carers have access to appropriate information, advice and support to enable them to cope with their caring duties.

An opportunity has presented itself through the Council's Adults & Communities Department, to enhance the ability of community organisations in Leicestershire to provide support to carers. Following discussion with existing carers and carers support organisations across the County, the Council has agreed to provide additional investment for carers' projects. This additional funding will be administered through the existing SHIRE Community Grants programme, to enable more community-based support to be provided to carers.

A maximum one-off grant of £5,000 is therefore available through the existing SHIRE Grants application process, for community projects in the 2017-18 financial year, which can deliver activities to support carers with the following:

  • to feel less isolated and better supported
  • to enable them to continue to undertake caring responsibilities
  • to have a life outside of caring
  • to reduce incidences of carer breakdown
  • to enable carers to have a break from their caring responsibilities

To be eligible for a grant, applications should be targeted at supporting individuals who need to care for a partner, relative or friend who needs support because of illness, disability or other conditions.

We are particularly interested in encouraging applications for projects that support carers in rural communities and locations, and also projects that specifically support older carers.

The primary outcome we are intending to achieve through funding of such projects is to enable people with caring responsibilities to access a range of relevant support, to help them to balance their caring responsibilities with other aspects of their lives, and to help them confidently manage and cope with their caring duties.

Examples of eligible projects, services and activities for this one-off funding could include the following:

  • Projects which provide support to carers, by enabling them to undertake their caring roles more confidently
  • Projects which help carers to cope with their caring duties, and balance their caring responsibilities with their work, education and social lives
  • Projects which provide practical and emotional support and breaks for carers
  • Projects and activities help carers to maintain their mental and emotional health
  • Services and activities that enable greater participation of carers in the community
  • Projects and activities that raise awareness and promote understanding around carers issues, including carers rights and responsibilities
  • Community initiatives that support both carers and those that they care for, e.g. breaks for carers, befriending services, drop-in support services, etc.
  • Services that develop and promote peer support and self-help amongst carers

To apply for a maximum £5,000 grant for projects/activities which support carers, apply here.

The deadline for applications in the 2017-18 financial year is Wednesday 31st January 2018.