Planning Your Project

Now you have formed your group or support network, it is now time to decide what it will achieve by planning your activities. While a simple task list may be sufficient for the most basic of projects, other may require a more detailed plan with goals, objectives and costings, as this is a requirement when apply to most funding organisations. Good planning helps you to avoid mistakes as it gives everyone a clear idea of what is happening and when, leading to your project having a much greater chance of success. As a guide, the typical steps involved in the planning process are shown below:

Establishing what you want to achieve

Working out what you want to achieve overall is often the starting point when planning your project, as it gives you focus and motivation when organising your activities. You then need to break this idea down into bite-sized tasks, which are achievable, realistic and measurable.

The following example might help:

LONG TERM GOAL - To befriend vulnerable residents in the North Hinckley area

SHORT TERM OBJECTIVE - Identify and set up regular contact sessions with 10 elderly residents




Design Poster and Flyer and distribute to noticeboards/shops


End of Jan 2016

Leaflet drop to houses in Barlestone


Mid Feb 2016

Contact Doctors Surgery to introduce scheme to Surgery Manager


End of Feb 2016

Presentation to Parish Council


End of Feb 2016

During the planning process, you may wish to hold some workshops to give people in your group the chance to contribute and get involved. You will also have the opportunity to vote and decide on key decisions. Once set, make sure that your plan is accessible to the group and is regularly reviewed so that any achievements can be celebrated and future actions decided upon.

Identifying Costs

Breaking your project down into manageable chunks also allows you to identify any costs associated with your activities. Remember to shop around for the best price with regard to venue hire, refreshments and advertising. Consider supporting local businesses as well as asking others for advice. It may also be applicable to seek guidance from funding organisations and understanding more about their criteria to see if they could help you.

Please CLICK HERE for more information about the grants provided by Leicestershire County Council.

Communicate your plan

Once your plan is complete, take the opportunity to gain some publicity about your group and its intentions. Access local media such as village newsletters or send press releases to relevant organisations. Set up social media channels to promote your message and keep followers updated with progress.