Survey on loneliness and isolation in BME communities

Posted: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 14:49

The Runnymede Trust, a race equality research organisation, is undertaking a UK-wide survey on the prevalence of loneliness and social isolation in black and ethnic minority communities, and between those communities and other groups.

Loneliness is now part of the national agenda and a priority for the Government. However, there is a gap of information / evidence about how factors and triggers for loneliness might differ across different ethnic groups. While certain triggers for loneliness may be universal - such as retiring, bereavement, domestic violence, relationship problems etc, other factors such as health inequalities, experiencing racism, hostile social environments, language barriers, religious discrimination etc, may have an additional impact on loneliness and social isolation for (some) BME communities.

The Trust has already gathered many responses thanks to the help of local BME organisations all over the UK but is very keen to increase the numbers of respondents from the Midlands and East Midlands. This is not only because of the importance of the topic but also because it is crucial for the results to be representative of the BME experience everywhere in the UK.

To help the Trust gather the necessary evidence to better understand social isolation in BME communities and so drive more BME-inclusive policy solutions, you are invited to complete the survey or share it with your networks. The survey link is at:

The survey takes no more than ten minutes to complete, is fully confidential and anonymous, and respondents can enter a prize draw (also anonymous) to win Amazon vouchers.

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