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Leicestershire County Council
Community Forum Budgets 2013/14


Leicestershire County Council has made available £320,000 per year for local communities to invest in local improvements of their choice.

The Community Forum Budgets process empowers communities to play a role in decision making, in line with Big Society aspirations, by allowing communities to put forward project ideas for which they are seeking funding, comment on these project proposals, and have a key role in choosing which projects are supported.

We invited local groups and people interested in their area to get in touch and apply for this funding early in 2013.

The funding is made available through the 25 Community Forums. The budget available to each Community Forum depends on its population size - see table below:


Annual Budget

No of forums

Less than 15,000



15,000 to 30,000



More than 30,000



In the 2013 round, 271 project proposals were submitted across the county, of which 175 were prioritised by local residents to receive a share of the Community Forum Budgets. During the process over 20,000 local residents visited the website to submit a project proposal, view projects, leave a comment, book a space at a Decision Night or view voting results. Over 1,370 people participated in the voting at the 25 Decision Nights.

The 2013/2014 round of Community Forum Budgets have now taken place, but you can see the successful projects for your area by using the drop down list below:

For more details about the process, the project proposals and the successful projects, please visit the Community Forum Budget pages of your local Forum area. If you are unsure of your Community Forum area, please see the map below or use the Quick Forum Finder:

Find your Community Forum

How can I get involved?

A vital part of the Community Forum Budget process is that everyone has an opportunity to contribute, whether by submitting a project, making comments on proposals, volunteering to assist in the development or delivery of a project or by voting for your favourite projects.

You can take part in three different ways:
1. YOUR IDEAS We invited bids for a share of the funding for local projects. NB All bids have now been received.

2. YOUR VOICE Once submitted, you could comment on project proposals, expressing views on and support for the different project proposals for your Forum area.

3. YOUR CHOICE You could decide how the funds were spent in your area by attending your local Decision Night.

If you are not sure what your local Forum area is, please use the 'Find your Community Forum' tool above. This will allow you to see the projects put forward in your area, the comments made on them, and the results from your Decision Night, where funds were provisionally allocated.

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